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We have been designing web sites since 1993. Allow us to help you build a website.  Why spend money when we will do it for free? All you have to do is follow the instructions provided here. Your website will be designed to look as you want it to look.  If you need suggestions or help with the website design, we will assist you from beginning to end.  We can even help you with hosting and other services. We will create your site using a free content management framework called Joomla that will allow you to update content.

Our free web site design service will save you lots of cash! :-)

1) Please read the all of this page and the “Next Steps” pages located in the menu before contacting us.

2) Please do not ask us to call you because that is not how we work.

3) Do not contact asking for a website with out providing the details requested on the next steps page.

4) If you follow the instructions in the ‘next steps’ page then you will have a website quickly.

5) If you have questions about these instructions then please open a ticket at www.iNeedSupportPlease.com .

Also, keep in mind that you need a registered domain in order for us to build your website.  Click on the menu item “Domain & Hosting Services” and click on the image on that page to get started.

6) To use this service you must sign up for the hosting service from our site. Click on the menu item “Domain & Hosting Services” to select and create your hosting service, or select the right hand module “Subscribe to Hosting” and subscribe for only $9.97 a month.  If you choose to click on the subscribe button on the left then send us your domain name details so we can connect your domain name to our hosting service. If you do not use one of the hosting services from this site then we will not be able to help you unless you want to pay my hourly rate for us to assist you.  The hosting service we have selected provides the environment that we know you will need for us to build your site.


One more point that apparently we need to mention.

We do not work on sites related to sex, drugs, gambling, illegal or violent activities including killing or harming of other beings regardless of the species – no exceptions!!!


We only work on sites that are adding a positive light and energy into this world.

How we work

1. How your web site looks is totally up to you! We make suggestions but ultimately it is up to you. If you have no idea we will offer suggestions.

2. We am using a tool that will allow you to add your website content.  We will need you to provide the details listed on the “Next Steps” page. If you have art work / images please attach them to your ticket in PSD (with all layers) file format . If you do not have images we will design some for you for a fee.
3. We will design images and logos following your existing branding (the look and feel of your business) or assist you develop a new branding.
4. We develop websites for free using a free framework tool called Joomla. Joomla will allow you to easily create an maintain content. We will set everything up and assist you as needed.
5. We use our affiliate accounts, including Google Adsense, to display targeted ads on each web page; this is how we are compensated. You may not display ads with our ads. Only our ads may be displayed and not any others.  That is how we are compensated for our service to you. It is really simple!
6. We will review your material and decide if we want to proceed with your site.
*** If you do not want ads then we can discuss payment options.
Please take a look at the websites listed below, it is a short list of sites we have developed:
…and many more!
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The following includes what you will receive from our free website design service:

1. A content rich website based on details that you provide.

2. An optimized website that is listed in search engines.

3. Website design options, or we will create a new design based on your desires.

4. We will work with you to provide visitors with a rewarding online experience with your website through rich content that is relevant to your products and or services that will draw visitors back to your web site.

Contact www.iNeedSupportPlease.com . Please include ALL the details from the ‘next steps’ page in your ticket.

Having an Internet presence is critical to your success. The world is at your finger tips.  Allow our free website design services help your find the success you seek.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!